The Ghana National Music Festival

 Promoting Artistic Development and Cultivating International Collaboration 

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Dear Friends of Music,

It is an absolute pleasure for me to say that the 2016 Ghana National Music Festival was a great success. The 2016 edition saw an incredible group of students participate in an intense week of study, practice, and performance with some of Ghana and America's top musicians. 

We had a total of 30 students from Accra and the surrounding areas who took part in daily lessons, lectures, ensembles, impromptu guest lectures, and performances, and attended concerts from our outstanding guest faculty. The students, who ranged from age 5 - 24, showed an incredible sense of dedication and discipline throughout the entire week. I was constantly impressed with how much time the students spent practicing on their own, especially with such limited practice space. Even on the last day, after a week of 8-10 hour days, the students still managed to muster the energy to rehearse and give an outstanding student gala concert.

Our faculty included some of Ghana's highest ranking musicians from the University of Ghana and the National Symphony Orchestra as well as our international American guest artists from the University of Louisville. Their lectures were informative, educational, and entertaining; their performances eclectic, creative, and virtuosic; their inspiration to the students unending. I could not have asked for a more influential group faculty and administrators for our inaugural year.

The coming weeks will bring more information regarding ways you can get involved and exciting new additions to next year's program. I hope you will be a part of this great adventure. As always, you can contact me at any time with any questions you may have.

Best Wishes,

Jordan Taylor

Letter from the director

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