The Ghana National Music Festival

 Promoting Artistic Development and Cultivating International Collaboration 

simply wish to create opportunities for both American and Ghanaian musicians whether a professional or a student.

Our inaugural year accepted 30 students and hosted over 10 faculty and continues to grow. Our 2017 edition saw exponential growth with over 40 students, nearly 15 faculty, and the introduction of three major additions: The Student Fellowship, Student Spotlight Award, and the GNMF Youth Orchestra. 

In 2018 the GNMF staff grew from two to four with the addition of a Fundraising Coordinator and a Social Media Intern. As we continue to grow, it is ever important that we have the support of patrons from both Ghana and the USA. To see how you can be involved head over to our "How To Be Involved" page!

About the GNMF

The Ghana National Music Festival was created to fulfill two major needs: the promotion of artistic development in Ghana's youth and the cultivation of international relations between American and Ghanaian musicians. The festival, which is free to all accepted students, is held at the University of Ghana's Department of Music.  Educators from institutions in the United States partner with musicians of the University of Ghana and the Ghana National Symphony Orchestra to provide a rare opportunity for young Ghanaian students to be immersed in classical music pedagogy for a week of intense performance and academic training. 

The GNMF is the catalyst from which we intend to develop even bigger projects such as exchange programs for both students and faculty, sister-cities, and much more. While this is certainly an event that is focused on the individual student, we