The Ghana National Music Festival

Annie Griggs is thrilled to be a part of the 2019 Ghana National Music Festival in their student fellowship position. In 2018, Annie traveled to east Africa with students and professors from Shenandoah University to work with the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. Since then, she has developed a passion for international travel. She is delighted to be returning to Africa!

    Annie is currently finishing an undergraduate degree in music education at Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia, which she will receive along with a certificate in clarinet performance in May 2019. Prior to starting her collegiate studies, Annie studied clarinet privately in Pennsylvania while performing in various ensembles there. In addition, she enjoyed multiple summers studying intensely at the New York Summer Music Festival, where she later returned to work as a counselor in training. During her time at Shenandoah, she has performed regularly with the wind ensemble, symphony orchestra, clarinet ensemble, and various chamber groups. In 2017, she traveled to Argentina with the symphony orchestra on an international tour, and performed in numerous cities throughout the country. She has also enjoyed working with acclaimed composers at Shenandoah, including Pulitzer Prize winning composers John Corigliano, David Lang, and Joseph Schwantner. In 2018, Annie became a Presser Foundation Scholar, receiving recognition for her achievements in the field of music. In addition to performing, she has experience teaching in elementary, middle, and high school settings, and has also taught private lessons. In 2018, she also received a Virginia “Teacher of Promise” award.

    Annie looks forward to pursuing full-time employment in the field of music teaching upon her graduation in May 2019. She hopes to continuously inspire students through the arts, and is excited to utilize this opportunity at the Ghana National Music Festival as a way to connect with others, build professional skills, and become a more globally aware citizen!

Annie Griggs

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